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Dana Gavanski - Late Slap

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Release date: 5th April 2024.
LATE SLAP is Dana Gavanski's third album, recorded in Margate with Mike Lindsay (tunng, LUMP (w/ Laura Marling) during the autumn of 2023.

"This album is my take on the tension between cynicism/despair and openness/trust. It’s about tenderness in a world that’s constantly trying to desensitize us.

During the writing of this album, I changed my songwriting process and started using Logic for the first time. This helped me build little sound worlds that I wouldn't otherwise have heard just playing a guitar or the piano. I was able to loosen up and try things I may not have otherwise tried as my relationship to the guitar has mostly been quite folky in the way I play. I developed the sound and structure of the songs first, freeing up my voice, and I felt naturally more playful with it, vocally personifying different parts of my personality that may sometimes feel contradictory but in reality exist all together in a kind of strange Dana-brain party. So rather than suppressing my own neuroticism I wanted to explore what that could sound like through my voice, while also being able to then jump between different musical moods, bouncier songs sitting beside more sensual slow pop. Through these songs I was learning how to let my doubts and fears into what I was doing, to welcome them as little sprites with something to offer, rather than try to pretend that they don’t exist." - Dana Gavanski